Unibrain Adapters

FireboardBlue-e  is a 3 port, OHCI compliant ΙΕΕΕ 1394a PCI express adapter that provides plug ‘n’ play connectivity for FireWire-400 devices and peripherals.

FireBoard 800-e™ is a 2-port, single chip (TI), OHCI-compliant 1394b/FireWire® host PCI Express adapter for PC systems that provides plug ‘n’ play connectivity for FireWire® devices and peripherals.

Powered by dual high performance Texas Instruments XIO2213B 1394b to PCI Express OHCI integrated Link/PHY host controller chipsets, the Fireboard800-e Pro offers up to 8 DMA hardware channels for simultaneous video streaming and a total bandwidth of 160 MB/sec.

Fireboard 800™ V3.0 is 3 ports, low profile compliant, 1394b to PCI OHCI compliant adapter, based on the high performance, dual chip Texas instruments implementation of TSB81BA3 PHY and TSB82AA2B OHCI-Lynx controller.

FireBoard Blue™ is a fast and reliable digital interface card for all external FireWire-enabled devices. Now, Digital Cameras, Hard Drives, CD-RWs, DVD drives and Digital Camcorders can be connected to FireBoard Blue™ in a snap.

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